Sunday, July 31, 2005


So its sunday today. Sundays are ok. They kind of have a weird aura about them. They are the end of the week, but also the beginning of the week. Its an easy day cuz its usually pretty chill, but frustrating cuz you know that you now have another entire week ahead of you, starting with monday, which is tommorrow.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

a mountain stream

I was on a path to some where else. This was before I found myself lost in the woods. So i wondered around for a while, and I found a beautiful stream, flowing down the rocks and through the trees. So I followed it. I followed it for a long time. It came to another stream, which was more like a small river than a stream. It was peaceful at first. Then it got rough, in between the rocks, the cliffs. I got into the river, and I floated. I floated down the peaceful river and into the rough rocky current. It hurts to hit rocks, but you usually come out ok, if you pay attention. Then came this waterfall, a big waterfall. I was floating in the river, and I didnt care how big it was. So i just went with the water and I was swept down the walls of falling water. It was really high, then I hit the water below.
I went down into the water. I stayed their for a while, It was dark and confusing. I didnt know what was up, what was down, right or left, east or west. But i stayed their. Then I came back to the surface. I was in a peaceful crystal clear mountain lake. A sense of awe at the serene beauty surrounding me. I may float here for a while, then maybe ill build a house on the shores of this lake. Ill build more houses and make a community of the people that come down the waterfall. So when they get out of the lake, they can live here to. Never forgetting the pure beauty when you surface to see this view. But standing on solid ground.

seagulls create hurricanes

Hurricanes are caused by the migration of seagulls. Seagulls are not intelligent birds. They fly from somewhere in the south, eventually reaching the ocean. At which point they no longer have landmarks to guide them to their destination. So they use the sun to guide them north. But this doesnt work because the sun doesnt go north. It only goes east and west, which is funny because the seagulls dont know this. They go in circles. They eat fish to, so they chase fish while they are flying in circles. So the fish go in circles. So now the air and the water is going in circles, which causes hurricanes which also go in circles.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

An Initial Blog Entry

This is my first blog entry. It is a good blog entry because it is my first one. So, this immediately ensures originality. As for creativity and wit, I am sure that will come in time. But for now we must be patient and realize the importance of this intitial blog entry. Its like the first man on the moon, or the first man to climb everast, only its just a blog entry. But it is my first blog entry so i would say that I am the guy on the moon.