Monday, August 01, 2005

Angels are chill

Angels live in clouds, thunder clouds. They kinda just sit up there and hang out with eachother, watching lightening bolts run around the sky. Or perhaps they are the lightening bolts, I am not sure yet. But i do know that I would love to meet one and ask him or her what its like to chill in the clouds and have the entire sky light up around in a magnigicent dark purple, deep blue rage of serene beauty. Feeling nothing but the power of the light moving across the landscape, and hearing only the roar of zeus's anger.

Just imagine sitting down one day, drinking a cup of coffee and actually hearing an angel describe, in eternal detail the beauty of what he can see. I am not sure what an angel would look like. But I like to think that they would dress up like people now and then. Like they do in City of Angels. I think angels are like that. I think that is a cool picture of angels.

I think that movie is really cool, cuz the angels are jeleous of humans, because it is only us who can truly appreciate the full beauty of the world we live in. For the world we live in is not only a compilation of what our senses perceive, but of what we feel when we see a rainbow, or a sunset that fills half the sky, or when you see the light of star that is millions of years old, or when you look into the eyes of someone you love.

But again with the angels. I really wish that they are real, and that I could talk to one. So if they are, I hope that one day one will talk to me.


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