Sunday, August 07, 2005


Today I made brownies in Jamaica. They were really good brownies. They were more like cake brownies. I made icing to put on top of them. Then I put sprinkles on them. I also decided I want to sing in the opera. So, my friend Emesa, we call her Em is going to write one. But it is going to be in French, because it sounds cool. And most people dont know french so we can sing about whatever we want, and it doesnt have to make sense or anything. Oh and I ran underwater. I was swimming in the pool, so i got a cement block and held onto it. Then I ran through the bottom of the pool. I made it to the other side. I felt like an astronaut, only underwater. I also laid at the bottom of the pool and put the weight on my chest. Thats a really weird feeling to lay at the bottom of a pool. It's fun.


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